Maintenance and Support 

Acquiring and integrating software solutions and making operational requires continuously monitoring the system as well the staffs and motivating them in using system. The DMS solution of the bureaus developed based on the well-defined software development methodology and phases of implementation that ensures the scalability and sustainability of the system. On each phase Standard technical documents produced and delivered to the bureaus, these documents shows the overall process of the development. The documents are:

  • Requirement Definition and Systematization
  • Technical Design Report/Document
  • Implementation and Deployment Report/document
  • User Manual and Technical Manual

 The development of the DMS also addressed the extendibility and flexibility of the system, as there will be new functional user requirement in the future.

Once the DMS solution becomes deployed and operationa , it will enter the maintenace pahse of the software development cycle. There are two kinds of maintenance to discuss here :

  1. Requirement Maintenance -: real world requirements are unlimited, for this reason, the staffs or users of the DMS solution can have additional new needs, which is not included in the current version of the software. Such new needs of the staffs’ compiled and new Requirement Definition and Systematization document will be produced; this will be implemented in the solution and the second version of the system will be released, then deployment, training will be carried on this version like the previous version. In order to get the latest versions of the software based on the needs of the bureau, the management of the bureau has to establish a maintenance agreement with the software developer company. This agreement critically needed for the utilization and sustainability of DMS. 
  2. Troubleshooting/ Support Maintenance :- this kind of maintenance usually considered as user support and troubleshooting  of the exisitng feature of the DMS solution in makeing fully operational. This can be done by applying fixes, updates and patches released by the same version of the platform. The bureaus IT experts can handle providing this maintenace in collaboration with the developer of the platfrom.