Electronic Document Managment Solution (DMS)

Document Management System (DMS) is a solution or tools, or methods used to capture, manage, store, preserve, deliver and dispose of ‘Documents’ across the bureau. In this context ‘Documents’ are any  knowledge products including office documents, project documents, Guidelines, Training documents, manuals, images, graphics, Maps, etc … as well as the new electronic objects such as Web pages, email, instant messages, and video.

The current DMS solutions are web-based platforms that enables bureaus to:

  • Control the creation and authentication of documents
  • Exercise version control where multiple versions of a document are maintained
  • Manage storage of documents in a way that facilitates convenient retrieval of a particular document when needed
  • Ensure security and safety of documents with the dual objectives of preventing unauthorized access to documents and allowing recovery from physical damage or loss of documents
  • Creates the policy for archiving old documents and disposing them at the end of their life

ICT Infrastructure

The KM/DMS solution an IT solution requires ICT infrastructure. Learn More…

The KM/DMS solution

The KM/DMS solution is an online system that facilitates the management and utilization of knowledge in a bureau. Learn more

Capacity Building

The KM/DMS solution is a technology driven new system. To make operational capacity building of the staff is necessary in the bureaus.

Maintenance and Support

IT systems requires regular maintenance and support to make functional …

Small scale and Micro Irrigation Support (SMIS) Contribution

The SMIS project supports the targeted government bureaus to establish the electronic document management system (DMS) to enhance the management and utilization of knowledge products with in the bureaus. The side progress bar show the level of SMIS’s support in establishing the DMSs


  • SMIS’s Infrastructure Support 100% 100%
  • SMIS’s DMS Software suport 100% 100%
  • SMIS’s Capacity Building Support 100% 100%
  • Sustainability and Institutionalization 70% 70%