Capacity Building /Training Requirement   

Knowledge management and DMS is relatively new platforms to the government bureaus in Ethiopia especially to the SSI sector, therefore regular trainings, on job supports and monitoring the process is required to sustain the DMS solution in the bureaus. SMIS has provided a TOT training on the DMS solution for the targeted End-users/staff of the bureaus as well as Technical training for IT staffs on how they administrate and maintain the system. SMIS also was providing refresher trainings in the DMS especially for the SSID and OIDA. However, the DMS solution requires a regular continue training and support for the staffs, as it is a new technology and a new way of doing. Therefore, the management needs to have plan and allocated budget for Capacity building activities on DMS solution for the staff in the annual work plan. Capacity building activities includes:

  •  Regular Training and Refresher Trainings on the DMS solution for the staffs in the bureau
  • Regular Training and Refresher Trainings on the DMS solution for the zonal and woreda staffs, because the DMS solution is designed to be accessed and used by the zonal and woreda staffs via internet.
  • Technical Training for the IT staffs on the new technologies in administrating and maintaining the DMS solution